Hi, I’m Dan!

I was born in Madrid even though I lived in other countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom…and now the United States of America.

My main passion is to discover, to capture and to share my view of unique natural places around the world.

Some of my photographs gained recognition in different media and have been awarded in international contests. Currently, I collaborate with different photography publications writing about landscape and nature photography.

In addition to photography, I also feel a great interest in other arts such as film, painting or music, as well as the practice of different outdoor sports.

As a child and teenager, I spent a long time outdoors in the different camps that I enjoyed every summer, always with classic reel cameras. Then came the time in college, where I started traveling first around Europe and step by step further and further. However, it was not until a few years ago when I felt the call of nature again and started planning my trips mostly based on natural places trying to capture unique moments, this time using a digital camera.

This trigger came on a trip I took through the Scottish Highlands and Iceland with my first newly acquired DSLR camera. That trip was a turning point and from then on nature photography became a true passion.

At the same time I was traveling, I decided to start a new project where I could share with others my vision about the different places I was visiting while providing some traveling and photography tips, and that is how my personal Travel and Photography blog Capture the Atlas was born.

Today I feel truly lucky to have the possibility of traveling to so many distant and different places, meet enthusiastic people on my way, and especially, sharing with other like-minded people passionate about this way of rediscovering the world and speak through your own eyes.